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Real time 3-D!

CORNET 3-D Files here

A real time 3-D version of the CORNET test bed.

Q. How do teams access the CORNET testbed

A. A single CORNET account is created for each team in the contest. One of the supervisors for each team has received an email from with the account information. This account can be shared among all members of the team and can be used to remotely access CORNET according to this schedule: Please see for information on different ways to access the CORNET testbed.

Q. Where to safely store data on CORNET?

A. Please use your personal folder for storing any data. Your user folder is named after your team's login. It is located under /users and is accessible from any CORNET node. Please safeguard and save your data frequently and before your 8-hour schedule expires. We recommend that you back up your data on your own computers as well as on CORNET. The CORNET admin is not backing up user data.